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drinks for healthy circulation

Tired legs? We show you the best teas to improve circulation

Do you suffer from tired legs lately or do you feel heavy and swollen? This may be due to poor blood circulation. Poor circulation occurs when blood has difficulty flowing through the veins and arteries. Symptoms include swelling, pain, cold feet or a tingling sensation. The causes of poor circulation in the legs and feet can be genetic inheritance, being overweight or ageing.

Good circulation is the key to good health, as it is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. If the circulatory system does not work properly, you can suffer from varicose veins, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.

Fortunately, there are some natural treatments to try to improve blood circulation. One of them is drinking tea. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world; besides its great taste, tea is consumed in large quantities because of its many health benefits. And one of them is that it improves blood circulation.

The best teas to improve circulation

best teas to improve circulation

If you suffer from tired legs, this article is of your interest, as we are going to tell you which are the best teas to improve circulation.

. Horsetail tea. It is considered one of the best teas for improving circulation. It can prevent hardening of the arteries and its regular consumption. It helps to avoid circulation disorders and prevent the formation of thrombi or varicose veins. Pregnant women and people with high blood pressure or heart disease should be cautious when consuming it.

. Green tea. Green tea is one of the most recommended teas for improving circulation. Its consumption helps to strengthen the entire circulatory system and protects the vessels that carry blood throughout the body.

. Red tea. It is also very useful for improving circulation and is also a diuretic. In this case, caution and a more moderate consumption is recommended, as red tea has more theine, which means it is not recommended for people who are nervous or have high blood pressure.

. Ginger tea. Ginger tea is another good option for improving blood circulation in the body. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties that maintain the health of the blood vessels and thus help to prevent discomfort.

. Parsley tea. Among the teas to improve circulation is parsley tea. Among its many benefits, it prevents fluid retention that can cause swelling in feet and legs.

Teas to improve circulation at Raíces de la Tierra

Tea Help Your Circulation

From Raíces de la Tierra we recommend that drinking tea should be complementary to a healthy diet, not having a sedentary lifestyle, exercising regularly and applying massages in the area where there is more overload. All of this together will help you to improve blood circulation.

If the article has interested you and you want to search for teas to improve blood circulation, you can find them at Raíces de la Tierra. We have an extensive catalogue where you can buy the best teas to improve circulation in just a few clicks. Don’t think twice and enjoy the many benefits that tea offers.

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