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seasonal teas

Teas: discover the best varieties for every season

Natural teas and herbal teas have long been a source of delight for lovers of hot drinks. However, the magic of these infusions is further intensified when they are adapted to the different seasons of the year. Let’s discover the fascinating world of seasonal teas and the wonders that natural teas and infusions can offer at every time of the year.


In spring, when nature awakens from its winter slumber, seasonal teas glow with fresh colours and flavours. Infusions such as jasmine green tea, full of floral fragrance, and peppermint tea, known for its revitalising freshness, are popular choices. Herbs such as chamomile and lavender also feature prominently, bringing calm and balance amidst the renewing energy of spring.


Summer invites cool, refreshing flavours that soothe the heat. Seasonal teas perfect for this time of year include iced tea, often made with black or green tea and garnished with citrus fruits. Fruit infusions, such as strawberry, peach or pineapple, offer refreshing and delicious options. For a more relaxing experience, lemongrass tea or chilled mint are ideal choices.

natural teas and infusions


With the arrival of autumn, the leaves fall and seasonal teas take on a warmer colour palette. Spiced teas, such as chai, with its blend of cinnamon, cloves and ginger, become favourites. Apple and cinnamon infusions are also popular, exuding a cosy, homely feel. Pumpkin tea, with its spicy undertones, adds to the autumnal experience.


In winter, nothing beats the comfort of a steaming cup in your hands. Winter seasonal teas include black tea with bergamot, known as Earl Grey, which offers a combination of robustness and citrus aroma. Berry infusions and cinnamon-apple tea are comforting options. In addition, ginger and lemon tea can provide a needed energy boost during cold days.

Find the best natural and seasonal teas and infusions at Raices de la Tierra

seasonal teas and infusions

Regardless of the season, natural teas and infusions stand out for their pure origin and health benefits. Green, white and oolong teas, which are not fully fermented, retain valuable antioxidants. Herbs such as mint, chamomile and hibiscus offer soothing and digestive properties. 

In the quest for a tea experience beyond the ordinary, exploring natural teas and infusions adds an artisanal touch to every sip. Experimenting with blends of herbs, fruits and spices allows you to discover unique and personalised combinations.

At Raíces de la Tierra you will find the best seasonal teas and natural herbal teas. Whether you’re looking for spring freshness, summer vitality, autumnal warmth or winter comfort, there’s a natural tea or infusion waiting to satisfy every taste and need in our catalogue, so get ready to enjoy the magic of the seasons in every sip!

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