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getting started in the world of tea

Getting started in the world of tea: a beginner’s guide

The world of tea is full of rich traditions and diverse flavours. If you are interested in exploring this fascinating beverage, here is a beginner’s guide on how to get started in the world of tea.

Tips for getting started with tea

What’s the Right Tea? Choosing the Best Tea For You

Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, but different processing and cultivation methods have resulted in a wide range of tea types, each with unique characteristics. The basic types of tea include:

  • Green tea: This tea does not undergo oxidation and is considered one of the healthiest teas. Green tea has a fresh taste.
  • Black tea: undergoing a full oxidation process, black tea has a robust flavour and often contains more caffeine than other types.
  • Oolong tea: with a level of oxidation between green and black tea, oolong tea offers a variety of flavours and aromas, from floral to fruity.
  • White tea: White tea is the least processed tea and has a mild and delicate flavour. It is appreciated for its freshness and subtlety.
  • Pu-erh tea: This tea undergoes a fermentation and maturation process that gives it a unique earthy flavour. It can be especially intriguing for tea adventurers.

Tea quality

When exploring the world of tea, it is important to look for high quality teas. Opt for pyramid bags, as they retain flavours and aromas better.

Basic tools

To fully enjoy your tea, you will need some essential tools:

  • A teapot is not strictly necessary when making tea, but it is if you want to make the best tea posible.
  • Quality water: use fresh water, preferably filtered, to prevent impurities from affecting the taste of the tea.
  • Thermometer: if you are particularly meticulous, a thermometer will help you control the temperature of the water according to the type of tea you are preparing.
  • Timer: A timer will ensure that you don’t leave the stepping process for too long, which could lead to bitter flavours.
how to choose the perfect tea

Proper preparation

Each type of tea has its own temperature and brewing time recommendations. For example, green teas usually require water at a lower temperature (around 75°C), while black teas may need hotter water (around 90°C). Follow the specific indications for each tea to get the best experience.

Explore and experiment

The beauty of the world of tea lies in its diversity. Experiment with different types of tea, blends and brewing methods. Try teas with flavours such as fruits or spices. Keep a record of your preferences to remember which teas have captivated you.

Enjoy the process

Tea is more than a drink; it is an experience. Take time to appreciate the aromas that emerge as it brews, watch the colour of the liquid in the cup and savour each sip with attention. The act of making and enjoying tea can be relaxing and rewarding.

Enter the world of tea with Raíces de la Tierra

how to get started in the world of tea

Diving into the world of tea is an exciting journey full of aromatic and gustatory discoveries. At Raíces de la Tierra you will find a wide catalogue of teas so that you can try and find those that best suit you, either because of their flavour or because they provide certain health benefits that you were looking for.

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