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How to make a Good cup of coffee

Barista tips for making high quality coffee at home

Making good coffee at home is not only a way to save money, but also a pleasurable experience that can transform your daily routine. With a few key tips and a passion for perfection, you can become your own barista. Here’s a complete guide to the best tips for making coffee at home like a true professional.

How to make good coffee at home

Choosing the right beans

The first step in making good coffee at home is to select high quality beans.

Make sure the beans are fresh. Freshly roasted beans have a richer flavour and aroma, so try to buy coffee that has been roasted within the last two weeks.

Grind the beans just before preparing

One of the secrets to making good coffee is to grind the beans just before brewing.

This preserves the essential oils and aromatic compounds. Use a grinder to provide a more uniform grind. Adjust the grind according to the brewing method: finer for espresso.

Use good quality wáter

Water makes up approximately 98% of a cup of coffee, so its quality is crucial. Use filtered or bottled water to avoid impurities that can alter the taste of the coffee. Also, keep an eye on the temperature: water should be between 90-96°C for optimal extraction.

tips for making coffee at home

Measures the proportions

Use a kitchen scale to measure both coffee and water. The ideal ratio is generally 1:15 to 1:18, i.e. one part coffee to 15-18 parts water, although this can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.

Keep your equipment clean

Cleaning your equipment is essential for making good coffee at home. Oils and coffee residues can build up and affect the taste of future brews. Regularly clean your grinder, coffee maker and any other equipment you use.

Experience and enjoy

Part of the fun of making coffee at home is experimenting with different beans, methods and techniques. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes and tweaks until you find your perfect cup.

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making good coffee at home

In short, making good coffee at home requires attention to detail and a passion for quality. By following these tips for making coffee at home, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a barista-worthy cup of coffee every morning.

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